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My manifesto.

There was a time when Vikings conquered the world.
Plundering Villages & Raiding towns.
They were a power feared by all.
However, the world changed.
And power changed.
Power isn’t owned by Kings or Governments.
Power is owned by brands.
Shaping & moulding us to do things. Try things & Buy things.
They show us these clever ads. Made by clever people.
I loved it so much that I decided to do it too.
I’m a present-day Viking.
No more plundering villages. No more raiding.
However, my vision has never changed.
I will still conquer the world.
Just one brand at a time.

Automate your growth

3:45 duration

I’m Tim.
A growth marketing consultant, conquering the world one brand at a time.

Tim Clarkson
Growth Marketer

I’m Tim, I have knowledge and experience in advertising working over 13 years leading creatives and performance marketers to deliver successful brands and campaigns. I have worked with a variety of brands to see 50%, 100%, and even 200% growth year-on-year.

Consultant & Mentor

I have helped businesses from startups to leading brands grow at rapid speed working with their board of directors and marketing teams. I have packages such as auditing your current brand and providing reports to complete mentor packages with weekly calls and board advisor packages.

Audit and Report: £900
Review your marketing strategy or audit your performance and provide a comprehensive report.

Mentor: £250 p/m
Includes 1 weekly call for up to 1 hour.

Mentor and Board Advisor: £800 p/m
Weekly call up to 1 hour and once a month visit to client office for a board meeting.

Brand Strategy

I believe brand strategy is the key to unlocking growth and building your brand. It creates an authentic story that humanises your brand that your customers can get behind. It also gives you a starting point to create a great creative identity and gives you a competitive advantage

A successful brand strategy can help marketing perform at higher return rates.

Performance Marketing

How to unlock more sales and ultimately drive your turnover all comes down to the tactical execution of your marketing. But where do you start?

Over the years I have been building brands using a winning formula that creates a framework to base your marketing. Understanding the goals and the campaigns and channels you need to run comes easy once you have developed your formula.