Revive your business,
unite teams, and provide growth with our
brand workshop!

I visit the four main principles of your brand - your company, your customers, your product and your culture to gain insight and reinstall your vision and mission and the reason why you exist. See the video to learn more how brand workshops can help you!

The brand workshop process.



Conduct full research into your industry, market, and consumer


Half day workshop with up to 5 key stakeholders in your business

Post workshop

Further research conducted and discover insights between your opinions and views and research already conducted.

Initial review

Report back in person, all research, and outcomes from meetings

Approved report

A full document to with proposed new strategy – Purpose, Mission, Vision and Goals


Included are key tag lines, positioning lines, unique value proposition


Full brand graphics kit and guidelines can be produced for additional (extra cost).


Payment can be split out over 2-3 months

Other services

Digital Ads Audit

Are you unsure your ads aren’t getting the best performance? Are you unsure your agency and consultant is doing their best? Well it’s time for an audit. I am completely impartial and will offer an honest opinion. Watch the video below to understand more.


Marketing Audit

Are you hitting targets? Or has your conversions gone stale? A complete review of your marketing is just what you need. I will provide your marketing team a full report of ways to improve current marketing efforts, while offering new innovative solutions to marketing as well.


2 Hour Consultation

Sometimes you just need a sounding board, or to validate an idea or campaign. Or maybe someone to come and sit on your board meeting as a consultant to offer suggestions to your pains and problems.