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Our manifesto.

There was a time when Vikings conquered the world.
Plundering Villages, Raiding towns.
They were a power feared by all.
However, the world changed.
And power changed.
Power isn’t owned by Kings or Governments.
Power is owned by brands.
Shaping & molding us to do things. Try things. Buy things.
They show us these clever ads. Made by clever people.
We loved it so much that we decided to do ads too.
We are present-day Vikings.
No more plundering villages. No more raiding.
However, our vision has never changed.
We will still conquer the world.
Just with one ad at a time.

Automate your growth

3:45 duration

Creative Viking team for hire, conquering the world one ad at a time.

Tim Clarkson
Creative Director

Tim has vast knowledge and experience in advertising working over 13 years leading creatives and campaigns. Tim has worked on a variety of TV commercials, creative campaigns, and overseeing rollouts.

Mitchell Clarkson
Art Director

Mitchell comes from an art and illustration background, creating concepts, storyboards, and scamps for a variety of clients. Mitchell has 10 years of experience in art and art direction.

TV Commercials

End-to-end service from taking the brief, producing a concept, pitching the concept, creating scripts, key visual scamps, storyboarding, director scouting, treatment reviews, and art direction for pre-production, production, and roll-out.

Creative Concepts

Whether it’s winning a pitch or creating concepts, as a team we can help you with; 1) super imaginative ideas, and 2) concepts that will rock your client’s socks off. We have experience in taking strategy and research and conceptualising a campaign that your clients will love.

Campaign Roll-out

You have a new client, they have gone through a rebrand, and now they are rolling it out into hundreds of assets. As a creative team, we have experience in quality assurance, and overseeing artwork no just to meet brand guidelines but that itcaptures the whole essence of the rebrand.